Chocolate Roses Birthday Cake

This is my first attempt at a chocolate Birthday cake. I made it for my Mum’s 60th.

60th Birthday Cake

The Finished Cake

I started by making chocolate flowers in both white, dark and milk chocolate. I had never made these before so I used some really good tutorials available on the internet (see here and here). As I live in the UK, making the ‘chocolate plastic’ or ‘chocolate clay’ was a bit of a problem as we can’t buy corn syrup over here. I ended up using honey but you can also use golden syrup or liquid glucose I believe. The mixture I made was a bit stiff to work with but I got there eventually.

White Chocolate Rose

A white chocolate rose

I made 2 large roses (using a 1.5″ cutter) and 1 smaller rose (using a 1″ cutter) from each of the chocolate mixtures . I then stored these in an airtight container until I was able to assemble the cake.

The cake was made using a basic chocolate cake recipe and was baked in a 6 inch tin. I made 2 cakes and then cut these both in half before filling with chocolate ganache and stacking. I then covered the whole cake in it too. The ganache had been refrigerated until it reached a spreading consistency.

The Flowers

The Flowers (9 in total)

I placed the 6 larger roses in a circle on top of the cake and then balanced the 3 smaller flowers on top of these. The 60 on the front of the cake was made using the white chocolate clay and was attached using the left over ganache.

Next time I post, I will try and include a few more pictures of my process but I only managed to get photos of the finished cake this time.

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